ESSEVEE credit check app

About this project

Client: Myself, ESSEVEE
Date: 2016-09-01

ESSEVEE credit check app

I’m a heavy fan of the Belgian football team SV Zulte Waregem. In 2016, Essevee introduced a cashless payment system for buying your food and drinks at the stadium.

I’ve created this app for my own use but then I thought: “why not share for free with all the other fans?”
In 2014 I came across this paying system on ‘Feest in het park’, but after every transaction, I didn’t had te proper time to check my balance on the machines & there was no point to check it yourself.

For Zulte Waregem, there’s an online portal ( ) to check and add money to your account, but I wanted to have the ability to check it after every transaction on my smartphone, that remembers my ID. The gap is big between: first Google the website, surf to the website & enter your ID, instead of just opening an app!

Created with Ionic & available on the Play Store & the App Store.

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